Publicado en Octubre 10, 2018 por bunny4385
September 2017 provides Fortnite Items for us a controversial marriage of the two games. Fortnite announced as well as set into beta, Fortnite Battle Royale, a whole new game mode which feels and appears much just like the popular game PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) that has a Fortnite twist. The game mode became a huge hit and even much more of a hit when announce it will likely be a completely FREE to play mode for PS4, XBOX, PC and Mac featuring its release on Sept. 26 2017. This creation has driven a LOT of battles on social media marketing and we still have no idea of who will probably be the last man browsing this battle over game popularity but one thing is perfect for sure, the Battle Royale system started by Player Unknown will be here to stay.

This game mode takes the awesome style with the Battle Royale system mixed together with the amazing PVE tower defense system in the survival mode into 1 deadly, addictive as well as fun game for everyone systems. We still do not have idea in which the IRL battle between Player Unknown and Epic Games will need us, but until they determine who the very last game standing are going to be, players will flood into and attempt to stand tall because King with the Hill and obtain the illustrious win and prove these are the best Survivor!

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