Publicado en Octubre 12, 2018 por bunny4385
Fortnite Items hit a fresh peak of 3.4 million concurrent users earlier this weekend (Feb 3-4 2018) before suffering an essential outage due for the high server demand.

Epic Games posted an article around the outage earlier today titled Postmortem Of Service Outage At 3.4M CCU that goes into a number of the details on how a meltdown played out. The post retreats into great detail on exactly which systems failed and the way. Its all above my pay grade, though the article seems specifically aimed towards a technical audience. Epic is really a pitch to potential employees in the start by getting resume submissions. So if you know very well what a MongoDB shard is, be sure to take Epic Games high on their offer of employment!

The primary MCP database is composed of 9 MongoDB shards, where each shard carries a writer, two read replicas, plus a hidden replica for redundancy. At a advanced level user specific info is spread across 8 shards, whereas the remainder of the shard contains matchmaking sessions, shared service caches, and runtime configuration data.

More importantly for your general audience is Fortnite has now surpassed Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in peak concurrent users. It may very well function as biggest PC and console game within the world today!

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