Publicado en Octubre 15, 2018 por bunny4385
Fortnite Materials might currently be celebrating its first birthday with exuberantly large in-game cakes and further challenges, however the jubilation was somewhat dampened from the issue of ghost peeking, that has been a troublesome exploit affecting the action's loot-loving, trigger-happy player base. The folks at Epic Games happen to be trying to make it better for months now, along mixed results.

If you're unaware, ghost peeking essentially lets players fire over cover without getting seen and exposing themselves towards the enemy. This is particularly problematic inside a game which you could build your own cover at nearly every time. It comes into practice each time a player crouches uphill. As Fortnite's animation system makes modifications to ensure your character's feet are correctly affixed to slopes, additionally, it alters their mesh--even if your relative position hasn't changed--allowing one to remain completely behind cover whilst being capable of shoot over it.

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