Jagex hasn't endorsed RuneScape Classic
#1 Octubre 19, 5:46 am
Jagex hasn't endorsed RuneScape Classic
However, Jagex hasn't endorsed RuneScape Classic for many decades, but feel it is just now that the issue is now serious enough. Mistakes which spoil the gambling experience also appear with increasing frequencies, and rather than waiting for something to occur each and every single day, the programmer decided to take the thing in OSRS gold his hands.

Great old Cam rings in discuss an act of betrayal he endured when he had been playing the online multiplayer game RuneScape about 10 years ago. Cam was apparently killing some goblins in the town of Lumbridge if another player (username: lil_dudey69) walked up to Cam and inquired if he could cut his bronze armour.

But the kindness was a"classic stitch-up": lil_dudey69 vanished to a different RuneScape state with Cam's shiny armour...the greatest in online dog acts (so I'm lead to believe). But then came a twist -- Cam disclosed that he adopted the puppy act himself, and began stealing other user's armour.

Gen and Lewis did not really understand the size of Cam's desperation (they spent most of their segment hoping to stifle their laughter) but the triple j text line sure did, and it lit up with people earnestly sharing their own RuneScape dog act stories, in addition to people generally just losing their shit in the ridiculousness of everything.

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