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TAIYUAN Men's Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2018 Shoes Red UK , Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- A movie jointly made by five directors from five BRICS countries was previewed in north China's Shanxi Province on Wednesday afternoon.

The movie, named Where Has Time Gone, will be screened nationwide in China next Thursday, said Jia Zhangke Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit Betrue 2017 Shoes Blue UK , its Chinese director. It was previewed by film critics and mass media in Taiyuan, Shanxi's capital.

The other directors are Walter Salles from Brazil, Aleksey Fedorchenko from Russia, Madhur Bhandarkar from India and Jahmil X. T. Qubeka from South Africa.

Jia Men's Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2018 Shoes Black UK , a native of Shanxi, told the press that the movie is in five parts. The Brazilian part shows the aftermath of a dam collapse. The Indian part tells the friendship between an old man and an orphan. The Russian part depicts a couple living in a valley. The one from South African director is set in the future. Jia's story is about a couple who want a second child.

According to the Chinese director, the five BRICS countries are all rapidly developing and the lives of people have similarities. "But different cultural backgrounds and history result in different ways of thinking," he said.

"China is now in an era of international cooperation Men's Nike Air Vapormax 2018 Shoes Black UK ," Jia continued. "The film is a significant trial."

NAIROBI, Aug. 6 (Xinhua) -- Two-time 5,000m World Athletics Championship silver medalist Sylvia Kibet has said she plans to make a comeback to win big races before retiring from athletics.

Kibet, 32, who is expecting her second child soon, said that she anticipates to win one of the Big Five (a reference to the London, Boston, Berlin, New York and Chicago Marathons which are elite races with robust prize money and bonuses) marathon races before finally hanging her spikes.

"After the birth of my daughter in 2005, I emerged from motherhood as a better athlete and went ahead and became runners-up during the respective World Championships in Berlin in 2009 and Daegu in 2011," Kibet told Xinhua early this week during an interview in Iten town, western Kenya.

"It is a road that I have travelled before, and like wine, which is said to get better with age, I have been running better as I advance in age," she said.

Kibet said she plans to make a comeback in the marathon during which she anticipates to cut her personal best time of 2hrs 26mins to 2hrs 20mins during one of the Big Five marathon races.

Kibet, the second born in a family of seven sisters and three brothers -- out of which six are active runners -- would, as a young girl, run to and from primary school situated five kilometers away from home every day in her quest for education.

As her athletics career began to take shape, she started by representing her class, and then graduated to representing her school followed by her province and finally her country.

Today she lives in comfort with a palatial home to boot, a fleet of SUV cars, rental houses, and a petrol station amongst her other investments.

However, despite her trappings of success and fame, Kibet maintains a normal lifestyle when she is among her fellow villagers and can be easily spotted interacting with them.

"I believe in myself. I have a preference for life in the countryside and I like being among the people in order to motivate them and assist them where necessary," she said.

After she won the silver medal in 1,500m during the 1999 World Youth Championship in Athletics, Kibet took a break from athletics after she married former middle-distance runner Erastus Limo and after giving birth, made her comeback in 2005. She won the silver medals in the 5,000m at the World Championships in Athletics in both 2009 and 2011.

Kibet missed the medal bracket during the 2010 Beijing Olympic Games where she finished fourth in the 5,000m event.

"Beijing Olympics was my second biggest race after the 2007 Osaka World Championships. I was overwhelmed by the warmth of the Chinese people and the level of infrastructural development," she said.

Kibet pegs her retirement age form athletics at 37, which she said is the average age of departure from athletics in the case of women runners.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Brazil has seen a rise insyphilis cases, including congenital syphilis, in the past fewyears Women's Nike Air Vapormax 2018 Shoes Purple UK , state news agency Agencia Brasil reported on Monday, quotingthe latest Health Ministry report.

The Health Ministry report shows that the cases of acquiredsyphilis in adults rose 32.7 percent from 2014 to 2015. In pregnantwomen, syphilis cases rose 20.9 percent, and the cases ofcongenital syphilis Men's Nike Air Vapormax Shoes Navy Black UK , in which a pregnant woman passes the diseaseto her baby, rose 19 percent during the same period.

The ministry considers the rise in syphilis cases an epidemic.The report of all the three forms of syphilis -- the regular one,in pregnant women and in newborns -- is required, which helps theministry track the advance of the disease.

Adele Benzaken Men's Nike Air Vapormax KPU TPU Shoes Green Black UK , head of the ministry's Department for thePrevention and Control of AIDS, STDs and Viral Hepatitis, said thatover the past five years, "syphilis was not at a level oferadication Men's Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Shoes Grey UK , but it was stable, and suddenly the number of casesincreased."

Benzaken attributed the rise to a combination of factors,including a decrease in the use of condoms among youngerBrazilians.

In order to tackle the rise in syphilis cases in Brazil, theministry launched last month a campaign to raise awareness aboutthe disease. Enditem

BEIJING Men's Nike Air Vapormax KPU TPU Shoes All Red UK , Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- A 5.9-magnitude earthquake jolted the waters near East China Sea at 8:51 p.m. Wednesday (Beijing Time), according to the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC).

The epicenter was initially monitored at 28.57 degrees north latitude and 128 degrees east longitude.

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